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TECHNIFANT Schlummerlicht, weiß/blau
TECHNIFANT Schlummerlicht, weiß/blau
Produktbeschreibung Wenn nachts die „Monster unter dem Bett“ Kindern Angst machen, sorgt eine kleine Lichtquelle für einen ruhigen Schlaf. So bietet auch das TECHNIFANT Schlummerlicht Kindern Sicherheit und Orientierungshilfe in der...
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TechniSat Z-Wave Innenkamera 1 -Smart Home Kamera, Überwachungskamera, Sicherheitskamera,
TechniSat Z-Wave indoor camera IK1, white/black...
TechniSat Z-Wave Indoor camera 1 Indoor Smart Home Security Camera ;ume, Security camera with night vision function The indoor camera 1 is an indoor IP camera for the TechniSat smart home system. With the camera you have the desired room...
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TechniSat TECHNIPOLAR 1 - mobile air conditioning with VB in white
TechniSat TECHNIPOLAR 1 - mobile air...
The mobile air conditioner from TechniSat TECHNIPOLAR 1 is a 4in1 air conditioner that will accompany you 365 days a year. - As an air conditioner, the TECHNIPOLAR 1 with a strong cooling capacity of 11,000 BTU per hour ensures quick and...
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TechniSat Türkontakt2
TechniSat Z-Wave Plus Türkontakt 2 Smart Home...
TechniSat door/window contact sensor with Z-Wave+ Product Highlights: Door contact for detecting the closed status of doors or windows Radio communication: Z-Wave Plus Indoor range: max. 40 m Outside range: max. 100 m The door contact 2...
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TechniSat Multisensor 2 Smarthome Mehrfachsensor
TechniSat Multisensor 2 - Z-Wave Plus multiple...
TechniSat Z-Wave Plus Multisensor 2 Smart Home 6-in1 sensor for measuring Temperature, humidity, brightness, UV index and vibration TechniSat Multisensor 2, white With the Multisensor 2 you can measure important parameters of a room....
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TECHNISAT outdoor camera AK2, white
TECHNISAT outdoor camera AK2, white
The outdoor camera 2 is a dome IP camera with PTZ function (pan, tilt, zoom) for the TechniSat smart home system. Unlike fixed cameras, this camera allows you to pan and tilt to see your entire property. The camera delivers detailed...
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