BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrierbarer 60 cm Geschirrspüler edelstahl

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  • Y-9983820
  • 4242005173747
  • 49 Kg
Product Highlights The integrable PerfectDry dishwasher Bosch SMI6ZCS49E with zeolite... more
Product information "BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrierbarer 60 cm Geschirrspüler edelstahl"

Product Highlights

The integrable PerfectDry dishwasher Bosch SMI6ZCS49E with zeolite drying takes up to 14 place settings and ensures the best drying results. Eight different ones are available dishwashing programs and four additional functions. The automatic programs automatically ensure the best Rinse results and with the favorites program, individualized settings can be made with just one be started at the push of a button. The ExtraClean Zone enables a particularly thorough cleaning of heavily soiled dishes in the upper basket. The stable Max Flex baskets with smooth-running wheels and the Vario drawer can be loaded flexibly and conveniently. The IntensivZone function cleans pans and pans optimally thanks to strong spray pressure and increased rinsing temperature. The AquaStop system protects against water damage. With a volume of 42 decibels, the SMI6ZCS49E is also pleasantly quiet, even quieter it runs in the Silence program. Thanks to the Home Connect app, the SMI6ZCS49E dishwasher is connected via mobile phone or tablet controllable.

PerfectDry dishwasher for the best drying results with an intensive cleaning zone ExtraClean Zone in the upper basket for spotlessly clean dishes.

  • PerfectDry: perfectly dry with low power consumption - even with dishes that are difficult to dry.
  • Max Flex baskets: flexible and convenient loading of your dishwasher, with smooth-running roles.
  • The Vario drawer offers space for larger or smaller cutlery with extra cut-outs Dishes.
  • 3-way Rackmatik: Even with a fully loaded upper basket, the height can be adjusted in 3 steps up to 5 cm.
  • Silence Plus: the exceptionally quiet dishwasher (42 decibels).
 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747
 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747


You know that: Not everything is always perfectly dry when you empty the dishwasher. Our PerfectDry dishwashers use zeolite to ensure perfect drying results delivery. The natural mineral transforms the moisture from the cleaning phase during the Drying phase converts to warm, dry air, delivering dishes that you put right in the cupboard can concede. Without post-drying. And with lower energy consumption*. *Bosch PerfectDry dishwashers with zeolite technology and energy efficiency class B compared to a similar Bosch dishwasher without zeolite and with energy efficiency class D

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher estainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Max Flex baskets

Loading your dishwasher correctly can be a challenge. Not so with them Max Flex baskets. With a stable lower basket and foldable rows of spikes that also Allowing you to put down large pieces of crockery, they make your everyday life easier. Also make new designed glass holders and silicone anti-slip strips in the upper basket ensure that your glasses are securely stowed away. For even more loading options, there is a cutlery drawer or the third basket available. The Max Flex baskets guarantee full flexibility and a stable loading of your dishwasher.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Vario drawer

With extra recesses, the Vario drawer offers space for larger cutlery utensils or smaller items of crockery, such as espresso cups. This is how you load your dishwasher flexible and have more space in the dishwashing area.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

3x Rackmatik

The upper basket is three-tiered by a total of 5 cm thanks to the 3-fold rackmatic with a handle height adjustable. And even fully loaded. Whether pizza plates or long-stemmed glasses - for tall items to be washed, even more space is flexibly created at the top or bottom.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747


Thanks to the partnership with Amazon Alexa, your dishwasher can also be controlled by voice become. Find out if the corresponding "Home Connect" function within the Alexa app for your country and language is available. Activate the corresponding function to Establish a connection between Amazon Alexa and your home appliance.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Push messages

Waiting for the dishwasher to finally finish takes time and nerves. Particularly, when you have a busy schedule. With Home Connect you can now always control your time design optimally. If desired, corresponding notifications can be sent from your Dishwasher conveniently sent to your smartphone or tablet. So you always know exactly how far your dishwasher is and get more useful information. Multitasking easy made - whether at home or on the go.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Extra Clean Zone

Dried muesli leftovers? You no longer need to laboriously scrape them off: In the Extra Clean Zone will thoroughly clean whatever you put in the top of the basket. Three rotating Water jets soften the dirt. And without any additional cleaning agents or higher temperatures. Just press the appropriate button and leave it to yours Dishwasher all the hard work.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Favorite program

Get the most out of your dishwasher and make your everyday life easier. With the Favorites function you can easily save your most frequently used program configuration furnish. This configuration can be done via the Home Connect app or directly on the display of your dishwasher can be started. For example, combine the Extra Dry option with the Eco 50° program and start the dishwasher with just one click.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Active Water hydraulic system

The innovative Active Water technology from Bosch maximizes efficiency and ensures more environmentally friendly rinsing with excellent rinsing results. The small one is made possible Consumption of water and energy through targeted water distribution, optimized filter technology, faster heating and a higher pump capacity for more water circulation.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

EcoSilence Drive

Keeping the house clean can be difficult. Keeping it quiet appears at times impossible. Our dishwashers with EcoSilence Drive combine excellent Cleaning results with low noise development. Equipped with a brushless, EcoSilence Drive provides an energy-saving motor that reduces friction noise to a minimum for significantly quieter operation of the dishwasher. So you can have a quiet as enjoy clean home.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Dosing Assistant

The dosing assistant stands for optimal cleaning results and a quieter rinsing process. The The cleaning agent used falls out of the cleaning chamber into a special collecting tray Upper basket and is completely dissolved there.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Intense Zone Option

The Intensive Zone option ensures particularly strong spray pressure and increased Cleaning temperature in the entire lower basket. This is how heavily soiled pots and pans are cleaned perfectly clean, while delicate washware can also be placed in the upper basket.

 BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrated 60 cm dishwasher stainless steel, EEK: C, EAN:4242005173747

Automatic programs

Water consumption, water temperature and rinsing time are exactly the degree of soiling of the dishes adjusted. This gives you the highest flushing performance while saving water and energy.

Silence Plus 42dB

Loud noises in the kitchen can be really annoying. If a quiet environment is important to you, then the Silence Plus 42 dB is exactly the right dishwasher. It's exceptionally quiet, so your kitchen remains a place of rest and relaxation. The Silence Plus program is the particularly quiet way your to wash dishes. If you activate it, the dishwasher works at a volume of 42dB.

Silence Program

Your dishwasher runs most quietly in the Silence program. This program will do that operating noise of your dishwasher is automatically reduced to the lowest noise level. This noise level will with a specially adapted Eco 50 °C program that reduces the spray pressure during the cleaning phase reduced and the running time extended.

Tab Counter

The dishwasher is full and you don't have any more dishwasher tabs in the house? That's the last thing you do can use now. The tab count function of your Home Connect app registers your consumption and automatically notifies you when there are only five tabs left from your last purchase. Over a Direct link you can easily order a new package over the Internet. Finally a dishwasher the thinks along.


Leak protection is one of the most important functions of dishwashers. Our AquaStop system offers to you a fail-safe leak protection. If the sensor detects a leak, the dishwasher stops automatically and pumps the water through a double-walled hose ab. With AquaStop you are ahead Protected against water damage for the lifetime of your device.
Produktbeschreibung "BOSCH SMI6ZCS49E Integrierbarer 60 cm Geschirrspüler edelstahl"
Energieeffizienzklasse C
Energieverbrauch pro 100 Betriebszyklen 75 kWh
Wasserverbrauch pro Betriebszyklus 9,5 Liter
Nennkapazität in Standardgedecken 14 Maßgedecke
Spüldauer Standardprogramm 3 h: 55 min
Luftschallemissionen 42 dB(A)
Luftschallemissionsklasse B
Bauart Einbaugerät/ Integrierbar
Gerätelautstärke Night-Modus 40 dB
Typ Spülmaschine
Farbe edelstahl
EAN 4242005173747
Hersteller-Nr. SMI6ZCS49E
Serie Serie | 6
SmartHome kompatibel Home Connect
Bedienung Touch Bedienung (schwarz) mit Klartext-Beschriftung (englisch), Optionen: Vorspülen
Display/Anzeige EmotionLight, Restzeit, Programm-Ablauf, Salz nachfüllen, Klarspüler nachfüllen
Anmerkungen Innenbehälter/ Boden: Edelstahl/Edelstahl, höhenverstellbare Füße nur vorne, Höhenverstellung Füße maximal 60 mm, verstellbarer Sockel: horizontal und vertikal
Spülprogramme 8 Programme, Eco 50 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, Intensiv 70 °C, 1,5h 60 °C, Schnell 45 °C, Glas 40 °C, Silence 50 °C, Favorit
Weitere Programme 4 Sonderfunktionen: Fernstart, Extra Trocknen, IntensivZone, SpeedPerfect+, Maschinenpflege-Programm
Standard-Programm eco
Funktionen Beladungserkennung, DosierAssistent, Reiniger-Automatik, Durchlauferhitzer (Technik), Wärmetauscher, Zeolith-Trocknung
Sensoren Aqua-Sensor
Startzeit-Vorwahl Von 1 Stunde/n bis 24 Stunden
Beladung Oberkorb höhenverstellbarer Oberkorb mit Rackmatic (3-stufig), 2x umklappbare Stachelreihen, Leichtlaufrollen im Oberkorb, Tassenablage (2-teilig)
  Unterkorb 6x umklappbare Stachelreihen, zusätzliche Tassenablage (2-teilig)
  Weitere Infos Max Flex Korbsystem mit farbigen Touchpoints, Extra Clean Zone, VarioSchublade, Komfortrollen im Unterkorb und der 3. Beladungsebene, farbige Anti-Rutsch-Beschichtung im Oberkorb, Korbstopper (Rack Stopper) gegen ein Überrollen des Unterkorbes
Sicherheit Tastensperre, Aqua-Stop-System, Glasschutz-Technik
Tür / Blende Tiefe mind. 550 mm
Wasseranschluss maximal 60 °C
Wasserschlauch Länge Zulauf: 165 cm, Länge Ablauf: 190 cm
Stromversorgung 220 Volt - 240 Volt, Frequenz 50/60 Hz
Energieverbrauch Betrieb 2.400 Watt
  Pro Betriebszyklus 0,747 kWh
  Standby 5 Watt
  Aus-Zustand 0,5 Watt
Wasserverbrauch Jährlich 2.660 Liter
Hinweis Einbaugeräte werden ohne Frontblende geliefert.
Feature EcoSilence Drive-Motor, Home Connect-fähig über WLAN, ActiveWater Hydrauliksystem
Zubehör vorhanden Salzeinfüllhilfe (Trichter), Dampfschutz-Blech
Abmessungen Breite: 598 mm x Höhe: 815 mm x Tiefe/Länge: 573 mm
Nischenmaße Breite mind. 600 mm
  Höhe 815 bis 875 mm
Länge Netzkabel 175 cm
Gewicht 46,8 kg
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