BOSCH HSG636BB1 Steam oven black EEK A+

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The Bosch HSG636BB1 oven with steam cooking function impresses with a useful capacity of 71... more
Product information "BOSCH HSG636BB1 Steam oven black EEK A+"
The Bosch HSG636BB1 oven with steam cooking function impresses with a useful capacity of 71 litres. 12 different heating modes make cooking, baking and simmering a breeze. In terms of safety, the HSG636BB1 has a child safety lock, a door lock, a safety shut-off, a residual heat indicator and much more. It is operated via an intuitive control ring and has a TFT touch display with plain text display.

The steam oven at a height of 60cm: perfect baking, juicy steam baking or gentle steaming.

  • Steam cooking for gentle and healthy food preparation.
  • Steam burst function: Your food will be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  • 4D hot air: even heat distribution for perfect results - at all levels.
  • TFT touch display: operating ring with plain text and images for simple and intuitive operation.
  • Eco Clean Direct: less cleaning effort thanks to a special coating on the back panel that automatically absorbs dirt.
Steam cooking

Gently steamed vegetables remain firm to the bite, fish and poultry juicy and tender. Cooking under hot steam not only preserves vitamins and minerals, but also the full, natural flavour. You can therefore season sparingly and use much less salt when cooking. You can even do without adding oil or fat when steaming.

Steam boost function

The steam burst function adds just the right amount of steam at just the right time to give your food a delicious texture - inside and out. The steam burst is ideal for baking bread because it gives your bread a delicious crispy crust while the inside stays fluffy. You'll also get great results when roasting and reheating with this function. Simply fill the water reservoir and your oven will do the rest.

4D hot air

Now you can use your oven even more flexibly: 4D hot air ensures fast and even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity. Place the baking tray or rack on any level from one to four and get perfect results every time. But that's not all: you can also bake biscuits or biscuits on up to four levels at the same time and achieve absolutely uniform results.

TFT touch display

Thanks to the intuitive touch screen and control ring, you can easily operate your oven. Turn the ring a little to change the settings. The TFT touchscreen guides you through each step with pictures, text and directly selectable buttons. So you always have a complete overview and full control over the functions of your oven.

Eco Clean Direct

Eco Clean Direct, the energy-saving cleaning aid makes oven cleaning child's play. A special coating on the back wall with tiny ceramic spheres breaks down grease splatters even during baking or roasting, and does so over the entire life of the appliance. This saves you time and energy.

Cleaning support

Your oven is only slightly dirty and you want to clean it quickly? Simply add approx. 400 ml of water and a drop of washing-up liquid to the base tray and then set the appropriate heating mode, temperature and duration. The environmentally friendly cleaning system softens burnt-on residues, so you can simply wipe it out to clean the oven quickly and easily.


Oven doors are now more comfortable than ever: a special damping mechanism prevents oven doors from slamming shut. When you gently push the door shut, it stops just before closing and then closes smoothly and quietly, guaranteeing a long life for both your oven and the oven door.

Product description "BOSCH HSG636BB1 Steam oven black EEK A+"
Energy efficiency classA+
Energy consumption for the heating mode
Hot air/recirculating air of the appliance
0.69 kWh
Energy consumption for the heating mode
Conventional of the unit
0.87 kWh
Usable volume of the baking tube71 litres
The size of the unitL (large) from 65 litres
Noise emissionsN/A
Manufacturer no.HSG636BB1
SeriesSeries | 8
Mounting typeBuilt-in appliance/ integrable
OperationInfo button; intuitive control ring
Display/DisplayTFT touch display with plain text display
Noteswith hanging rack, pull-out can be retrofitted
OvenArtSteam oven, grill, hot air, conventional (top and bottom heat), circulating air
 Cooking chambers1 pc.
 Temperatureadjustable from 30 °C to 250 °C
 Heating modes12 pcs, 4D hot air, + hot air Eco, top/bottom heat, top/bottom heat Eco, convection infra-grill, large-surface grill, small-surface grill, pizza level, bottom heat, soft cooking, preheating, keeping warm
 Operating ringJa
 Functions(Electronic) clock, oven light, quick heating, additional heating modes with steam: steam cooking, regeneration, proofing, defrosting
 Opening mechanismFolding door
 Oven doorFull glass interior door
 SecurityChild safety lock, Cool oven front, Residual heat indicator, Safety shut-off, Start button; Door contact switch
 More functionsAdditional heating modes with steam: steam cooking, regeneration, proofing, defrosting
SteamerWater tankCapacity1 litre
  PropertiesEmpty display
Accessoriesavailable1 x enamelled baking tray, 1 x steam container, perforated, size S, 1 x steam container, perforated, size XL, 1 x steam container, non-perforated, size S, 1 x rack, 1 x universal pan
DimensionsWidth: 595 mm x Height: 595 mm x Depth/Length: 548 mm
Niche dimensionWidemin. 560 mm, max. 568 mm
 Heightmin. 585 mm, max. 595 mm
 Depthmin. 550 mm
Power cord length120 cm
Weight25 kg
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