Siemens EX645HXC1E iQ700 induction hob, 60 cm, black, surface-mounted with frame

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Product highlights of the Siemens EX645HXC1E iQ700 induction hob varioInduction: the... more
Product information "Siemens EX645HXC1E iQ700 induction hob, 60 cm, black, surface-mounted with frame"

Product highlights of the Siemens EX645HXC1E iQ700 induction hob

  • varioInduction: the hob automatically adapts to the cookware.
  • touchSlider: enables the power level to be set with just one finger.
  • Home Connect: All information about your hob via smartphone or tablet - even when you're on the move.
  • Frying sensor Pro: Cooking without the risk of burning.
  • Intelligent flexZones: automatic cooking zone adjustment for maximum flexibility.

Heat where it is needed.

Are you worried about your cookware being heated unevenly? varioInduction automatically recognises the size and shape of your pots and pans and adjusts the hob accordingly. There's even room for an XL roaster, as you can easily combine two cooking zones into one at the touch of a finger. No matter what cookware you use, heat is only generated where it is needed. For flexible cooking just the way you want it.


Temperature setting at the touch of a button.

Is maximum convenience in operation important to you? Forget switches and knobs: with the touchSlider, you can set the power levels of your cooking zones simply by touching or swiping with your finger. The heat is regulated in half steps up to the maximum level 9.


Always up to date.

A networked world full of exciting possibilities with WLAN-enabled Siemens home appliances and Home Connect. Experience the future today. Home Connect makes everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to the latest technology, you can spend more time doing what you want and less time doing what you have to. Discover new possibilities.


No more burnt food

Wouldn't it be practical if you didn't have to worry about the temperature setting when cooking? Simply activate the Frying Sensor Pro and choose from eleven temperature options to keep the heat in the pan at a constant level. The intelligent sensor controls the temperature and prevents burning so that the results are always perfect. So you can concentrate fully on your guests without having to worry about your food burning.


Automatic adjustment of the cooking zones

Now you no longer have to think long and hard about which cooking zone you should use for which cookware. Thanks to the intelligent flexZones, sensors under the glass ceramic automatically recognise the shape and size of your pots and pans and automatically combine or divide the cooking zones accordingly. And if you move your cookware while cooking, the settings are automatically adopted. Place the pot on the hob, switch it on and enjoy flexible cooking.


Perfectly coordinated: Extractor hood and hob.

Would you like to take your cooking skills to a new level? How about a hob that interacts automatically with the extractor bonnet? With this intelligent automatic extractor system, the extractor bonnet adjusts the fan level to the temperature and power of the hob. Once cooking is complete, the extractor bonnet switches to the automatic after-run function. Simply connect your hob and the corresponding extractor bonnet to your registered Home Connect account.


Your hob, your settings.

Would you like to personalise your cooktop based on your preferences? It's easy with the favourites button: for example, you can integrate your cooktop into your smart home and even switch on the living room light using the favourites button. Or control the light setting and fan level of the associated extractor bonnet manually via the hob. Simply connect your hob to your registered Home Connect account.


Automatic activation of your extractor fan

Did you forget to switch on the extractor bonnet and now it smells like food everywhere? With the cookConnect system, your extractor bonnet activates automatically as soon as you start cooking - so you no longer have to switch it on separately. You can easily set the power level and lighting either on the hob or via the Home Connect app. This means that vapours and odours don't stand a chance. To use this function, both appliances must be connected to the Home Connect app.

Discover a whole new world of delicious recipes.

What are you going to cook next? Sometimes you just run out of ideas. But here's the solution: the world of recipes offers you a wide selection of delicious recipes to suit your lifestyle. Make your choice and transfer the ideal Frying Sensor Pro setting to your hob. Use the flexible preparation options and enjoy delicious meals. To use this function, connect your hob to your registered Home Connect account.

"Alexa, ask the hob for the temperature for ..."

Do you ever wonder what level you should cook something on? Just ask Alexa - she knows the right answer. With the Frying Sensor Pro assistant, you can cook every meal perfectly without burning.

Product description "Siemens EX645HXC1E iQ700 induction hob, 60 cm, black, surface-mounted with frame"
Type of construction
Type of hob Induction hob
Main surface material Glass ceramic
Colour Black
Installation design Standard frame
Frame colour Stainless steel
Dimensions of the device 55 x 583 x 513 mm
Width 60 cm
Min. recess dimensions for installation (H x W x D) 55 x 560-560 x 490-500 mm
Minimum worktop height 16 mm
Connected load 7.400 W
Length of connection cable 100.0 cm
Plug type Without plug (connection by qualified electrician)
Flexibility of the cooking zones
Number of cooking zones 4
Type of cooking zones 2 flexible zones for cookware of different shapes
Size of the cooking zones 1 x (38.0 x 22.5 cm), 1 x (38.0 x 22.5 cm)
Power of the cooking zones (maximum values, depending on the type of gas) 4 x 2.2 (3.7) kW
Number of electric warming zones 0
Operation touchSlider
activeLight Plus No
Illuminated hob / Zone light No
Favourites button Yes
Number of power levels 17 power levels
Heat retention level No
Type of timer Countdown timer (can be selected instead of the switch off timer), switch off timer (on the device)
Time-saving and efficient
Heaters with booster All
Pan boost Can be selected via Favourite button/Home Connect app (expected to be available from Q4/2024 via software update for devices with Home Connect)
Automatic boil No
Automatic joining and separating of cooking zones Yes
Powermove No
Increasing/decreasing the power via Pot Move No
Setting transfer function Yes
Automatic zone selection Yes
Quick start Yes
Quick switch-off No
Display for energy consumption No
Cooking assistant
Selecting the right setting with Dish assistant Available via Home Connect app (expected to be available from Q4/2024 via software update for devices connected to Home Connect)
Cooking sensor to prevent boiling over No
Cooking sensor ready - Sensor not included No
Frying sensor prevents burning Roast sensor Pro
Networked household appliances with Home Connect12 Yes
Bonnet control via hob Yes
Automatic bonnet control Yes, with matching bonnet
Smart Home Trigger for customised configurations via Favourite button (available with connected Home Connect account, Partner Service required)
Updateable device (available with connected Home Connect): Always keep the device up to date with the latest software. Yes
Power standby/display off 0,5 W
Power standby/network (Please follow the instructions in the operating manual if you want to switch off the WiFi function) 2,0 W
Time auto standby/display off 20.0 min
Time auto standby/network 20.0 min
Residual heat display Separate
Safety devices Child lock, pause function, power management function, safety time switch-off, pan detection
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