BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine capacity 9 kg 1400 rpm

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  • Y-9988634
  • 4242005276110
  • 73 Kg
Product Highlight The HomeProfessional washing machine with Home Connect, StainAutomat... more
Product information "BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine capacity 9 kg 1400 rpm"

Product Highlight

The HomeProfessional washing machine with Home Connect, StainAutomat Plus, and 4D Wash System with Intensive Plus offers flawless results with every load.

  • StainAutomat Plus removes up to 16 stubborn stain types without pre-treatment.
  • Home Connect: Smart connected appliances make everyday life easier.
  • 4D Wash System: Allows water and detergent to penetrate deep into every fiber, ensuring flawless results.
  • Quickly get to the optimal washing program with Easy Start.
  • Remote monitoring and control: Control and operate your washing machine from anywhere.
BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine - Sparkling clean laundry and more time for the beautiful things in life, EAN: 4242005276110

StainAutomat Plus

With the clever StainAutomat Plus function, up to 16 of the most stubborn stains can be easily removed - from chocolate to grass to red wine. Your washing machine automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement, and soaking time to effortlessly and completely remove stains from the fabric without pre-treatment. The result? Sparkling clean laundry and more time for the beautiful things in life.

BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine - Highly efficient 4D Wash System, EAN: 4242005276110

4D Wash System with Intensive Plus

Our highly efficient 4D Wash System allows you to stay cool even with heavily soiled laundry. By directly injecting the wash water into the drum in combination with a higher spin speed, water and detergent are optimally distributed and used with maximum efficiency. This way, you get perfect results even with a full load. With heavily soiled laundry, the 4D Wash System Intensive Plus option provides the necessary extra power to achieve flawless washing results.

BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine - Home Connect, EAN: 4242005276110

Home Connect

The future has already begun. Home Connect turns your household appliances into intelligent helpers with groundbreaking technology that you can control with your smartphone or tablet. Identifying the right washing program is not always easy - and if you get it wrong, the results are usually poor. Thanks to Home Connect and Easy Start, the guessing game is over. Simply enter the type of laundry and degree of soiling, and Home Connect recommends the optimal program for you. Your personal washing expert awaits you! Does your washing machine dictate your daily routine? With Home Connect, you can change that. Bosch washing machines with Home Connect can be conveniently controlled and monitored via your mobile device, no matter where you are. This way, you can flexibly integrate laundry care into your daily routine and gain valuable time for yourself. Sitting next to the running machine and waiting for the program to end is a real stress factor when you have a lot to do. But it can be different. Home Connect sends the program status of your washing machine and other helpful information as a push notification directly to your mobile device while you focus on other tasks. A brilliant multitasking aid for at home and on the go.

BOSCH WAV28G43 Washing Machine - “Allergy Plus“, EAN: 4242005276110

Allergy Plus

Allergy Plus is super gentle on sensitive skin and shows no mercy to germs. The program keeps the temperature constant throughout the wash cycle, targeting germs and allergens such as house dust mites. Afterwards, your laundry is rinsed particularly thoroughly to minimize detergent residue. This way, you get hygienically clean laundry with every wash, and allergy sufferers among us can literally breathe a sigh of relief. *Bosch washing machines with the "Allergy Plus" wash program at 40° and 60° meet the scientifically recommended conditions for eliminating 99.99% of bacterial species Enterococcus hirae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. (Honisch et al. 2014, "Impact of wash cycle time, temperature and detergent formulation on the hygiene effectiveness of domestic laundering." Research conducted at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.)

BOSCH WAV28G43 Washing Machine - SpeedPerfect, EAN: 4242005276110


When time is short and your washing machine has SpeedPerfect, you can reduce program duration by up to 65%* while maintaining high quality. SpeedPerfect can be used with most programs, all fill volumes, and all fabric types. For example, with SpeedPerfect and the Mix program, you can thoroughly wash up to 4 kilograms of mixed laundry in just 46 minutes. *Difference between the duration of the Easy-Care 40°C program and the duration of the Easy-Care 40°C program in combination with the SpeedPerfect option.

BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine - Extra cleaning boost, EAN: 4242005276110

Intensive Plus

Thanks to the selectable Intensive Plus option and its extra cleaning boost, the washing intensity is significantly increased and the washing cycle is extended by up to 30 minutes. The effect is visible through more foam and activity in the drum. The result: truly clean laundry with just the press of a button.

BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine - ComfortControl Plus, EAN: 4242005276110

ComfortControl Plus

ComfortControl Plus is easy to use thanks to its intuitive user interface and high-resolution TFT clear text display with many functions and programs. Clear text and symbols provide all the information you need at any time.

BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine - Vario drum, EAN: 4242005276110

Vario drum

Your favorite pieces or particularly delicate clothing can be damaged by frequent washing. The unique, patented Vario drum washes every type of clothing gently and efficiently; the water is distributed evenly without stretching, wrinkling, or damaging your favorite pieces. Depending on the selected washing program, the droplet-shaped drum surface structure and asymmetrical paddles gently move your laundry towards the center. This not only achieves an intensive cleaning of more heavily soiled parts, but also ensures a faster and more thorough cleaning of the entire washing load. Give your clothes a professional quality cleaning!

BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine - Active Water Plus, EAN: 4242005276110

Active Water Plus

No matter how little laundry you have, the Active Water Plus technology delivers perfect results using only the exact amount of water needed for each wash cycle. For highly efficient water usage even with smaller loads. Thanks to its high-efficiency water management technology, the exact load is automatically detected and the water consumption is precisely adjusted. Save up to 50% of water with smaller loads.

BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine - Reload function, EAN: 4242005276110

Reload function

Just started the washing machine and then discovered a forgotten item … who doesn't know that? Fortunately, the reload function allows you to add (or remove) laundry even after the program has started. Simply press the Reload button, put the forgotten items in the machine, and continue the washing process.

 BOSCH WAV28G43 Washing machine - drum cleaning reminder function, EAN: 4242005276110

Drum cleaning reminder function

The drum cleaning program is ideal for cleaning the drum and keeping it hygienically clean. After 20 wash cycles below 40 °C, the washing machine / washer-dryer automatically reminds you to clean the drum with the drum cleaning program.

BOSCH WAV28G43 Washing machine - AquaStop, EAN: 4242005276110


The unique AquaStop system offers 100% protection against water damage. The double-walled hose prevents water from leaking out in the event of damage to the inner hose. The electrical safety valve immediately detects any leaks in the hose or in the appliance and stops the water supply. For the life of the washing machine. * Detailed warranty conditions can be found at

 BOSCH WAV28G43 Washing machine - AntiVibration Design, EAN: 4242005276110

AntiVibration Design

The innovative AntiVibration Design of the side walls is not only an eye-catcher: the system also offers more stability and reduces vibrations. Optimal insulation regulates the noise level, so the washing machine is particularly quiet even during the spin cycle.

BOSCH WAV28G43 Washing machine - ExtraShort 15'/30', EAN: 4242005276110

ExtraShort 15'/30'

Quickly wash or refresh up to 2 or 3.5 kg of lightly soiled clothing in just 15 or 30 minutes. Includes main wash, rinse, and spin.

BOSCH WAV28G43 Washing machine - 24h end time delay, EAN: 4242005276110

24 Hour End Time Preselection

Select the time within the next 24 hours by which your laundry must be finished.

In conclusion, the Bosch washing machine WAV28G43 with its numerous features and innovative technologies is a reliable partner in the household. With a maximum capacity of 8 kg and a variety of programs, it provides an optimal solution for every need. Thanks to the EcoSilence Drive motor technology, it is not only particularly quiet, but also energy-efficient. In addition, practical functions such as the VarioPerfect option and the ActiveWater Plus technology provide additional flexibility and sustainability in daily use. Convince yourself of the high quality and performance of the Bosch washing machine WAV28G43 and make your laundry experience uncomplicated and efficient.
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Product description "BOSCH WAV28G43 washing machine capacity 9 kg 1400 rpm"
energy efficiency class A
Energy consumption per 100 operating cycles 48 kWh
Water consumption per operating cycle 48 liters
Rated capacity 9kg
Program duration standard program 3h:44min
Spin efficiency class B
Max. spin speed 1400 rpm
residual moisture 53%
Airborne noise emissions (spinning) 69dB
Airborne noise emission class (spinning) A
Type floorstanding
Type washing machine
color white
EAN 4242005276110
Manufacturer No. WAV28G43
Series HomeProfessional
SmartHome compatible Home Connect
Operation Program selector with integrated metal on/off switch, multi-signal tones, TouchControl buttons: basic settings, on/off, ready in, stain selection, intensive plus, options, remote start , start/pause with refill function, temperature, SpeedPerfect, speed selection/rinse hold; Options: Extra rinse, Easy Iron, Soak, Automatic stain removal, Intensive Plus, SpeedPerfect, Rinse hold, Prewash, Water Plus
Display high-resolution TFT plain text display for intuitive operation with display of the program sequence, temperature selection, max. spin speed, remaining time display, 24-hour end time preselection, additional options and consumption display (information on Power and water consumption), load indicator with direct dosing recommendation, indicator for overdosing, program sequence, remaining time
Notes Easy cleaning drawer, door frame: glass window, silver black gray frame
washing programs Cotton, easy-care, delicates/silk, wool hand wash, AllergyPlus, drain, automatic gentle, automatic, drum clean (with reminder function), shirts/blouses, easy-care plus, Spin, Fast/Mix, Sportswear, Rinse, Cover, ExtraShort 15'/30'
Other programs 16 spot auto stains
Default program eco 40-60
Functions Automatic load, dosing assistant, speed reduction, cold wash option, crease protection
Drum Stainless steel drum: Vario drum, drum volume: 65 liters, interior lighting
washing time at partial filling 2h:53min
End Time Prefix Up to 24 hours
Signal end of program Acoustic
Door loading Front loader
  Big Porthole 32cm
  Door opening angle 180°
  Door stop left
Security Child safety, aqua-stop system, imbalance control, anti-vibration, foam detection
Water hose Inlet length: 150 cm, outlet length: 150 cm
Power supply 220 volts - 240 volts, frequency 50 Hz
Energy consumption Operation 2,300 watts
  Per Duty Cycle 0.484 kWh
  Standby 0.5 watts
  off state 0.1 watts
Note can be pushed under from a niche height of 85 cm
Feature EcoSilence Drive motor (efficient and extra quiet), automatic stain removal plus, refill function, ActiveWater Plus (resource-saving water management), SpeedPerfect, flow sensor for optimal water consumption, AllergyPlus program (for ;highest hygienic standards and specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers and sensitive skin)
More information Home Connect: remote start and remote monitoring, energy management, remote diagnosis
Dimensions Width: 598mm x Height: 848mm x Depth/Length: 590mm
Length power cord 160cm
Weight 72.3kg
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