AEG L8FE74485 Prosteam washing machine cm. 60 - capacity 8 kg - white

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The AEG Lavamat L8FE74485 washing machine has a maximum spin speed of 1351 rpm and can hold up... more
Product information "AEG L8FE74485 Prosteam washing machine cm. 60 - capacity 8 kg - white"
The AEG Lavamat L8FE74485 washing machine has a maximum spin speed of 1351 rpm and can hold up to 8 kg of laundry in one wash. The L8FE74485 gently cleans even delicate items of clothing so that the appearance of the textiles is preserved. The particularly gentle and efficient Öko-Mix technology achieves an optimal washing result. A large, clear LED display ensures easy handling. And thanks to ProSense technology, which automatically adjusts time, water and power consumption to the load, clothes are never washed longer than necessary. The modern DirectSpray washing technology evenly moistens the entire load and thus ensures that the detergent can work optimally. The ÖKOPower program ensures perfect cleaning performance in just one hour. ProSteam technology uses steam to smooth clothing quickly and easily.
ÖkoPower: Thorough, energy-saving cleaning in one hour.

In conjunction with the ÖKOMix pre-mixing technology, the ÖKOPower program allows loads of up to 5 kg to be washed in 59 minutes. The perfectly activated suds can act right at the beginning of the wash cycle, leading to great results with less energy consumption.

ÖkoMix: Effective premixing.

With ÖkoMix, detergent and fabric softener are thoroughly premixed with water, dissolved and fully activated before they get onto the clothes. Due to the even distribution, punctiform brightening or spots are avoided. Another advantage: thanks to the pre-mixing technology, lower temperatures - and therefore more gentle and sustainable - be washed.

ProSense® Automatic quantity: saves water, energy and time.

Thanks to special sensors, the washing time and energy consumption are always adapted to the amount of laundry. This not only saves time and energy, but also prevents damage to fibers and thus protects the clothing.

ProSteam®: refresh instead of washing.

Why wash when you can steam? The ProSteam® function allows clothes to be kept fresher and crease-free for longer by refreshing them with steam. In this way, washing cycles and thus water and energy can be saved (approx. 48 l of water compared to a gentle wash cycle), which is simply more sustainable. Even after a wash, the steam function can help to minimize the amount of time you have to iron. So why settle for old standards when you can do better?

ÖkoInverter motor: Efficient, quiet and durable.

Thanks to permanent magnet technology, the ÖkoInverter achieves a 50% higher energy efficiency compared to the inverter motor used as standard. It is characterized by extremely quiet operation and a longer service life. We think this motor is so good that we give it a 10-year guarantee.


Treat your garments well and they will stay as bright as the day you bought them. The AEG washing machines with ÖKOMix technology pre-mix the detergent with water before it is fed into the drum. This is the first washing machine technology to distribute detergent and fabric softener evenly. This even distribution allows for a more thorough and immediate cleaning because the detergent and fabric softener reach your garments fully activated.

Produktbeschreibung "AEG L8FE74485 Prosteam washing machine cm. 60 - capacity 8 kg - white"
energy efficiency class B
Energy consumption per 100 operating cycles 54 kWh
Water consumption per operating cycle 47 liters
Rated capacity 8kg
Program duration standard program 3 hrs: 30 mins
Spin efficiency class B
Max. spin speed 1,351 rpm
residual moisture 53%
Airborne noise emissions (spinning) 75dB
Airborne noise emission class (spinning) B
Type floorstanding
Type washing machine
color white
EAN 7332543484652
Manufacturer No. 914550804
Series 8000
Operation Delay Start
Display large LED display, program sequence, remaining time
Notes extra large filling opening; integrated liquid detergent dispenser; Öko Inverter Motor - extremely quiet operation and longer service life
washing programs cotton linen, easy-care, delicates, wool/silk hand wash
Other programs Refresh with steam, ÖKOPower, anti-allergy, 20 min - 3 kg, outdoor/impregnation, jeans; hand wash programs for hand washable woolen textiles; Extra Rinse
Default program Cotton 60°C
Functions Automatic load, crease protection
Drum ProTex honeycomb drum, honeycomb drum
Detergent chambers 3 pieces
washing time at partial filling 2h:40min
Door loading Front loader
Device Volume Default washing program 51dB
Security Aqua Control System with Alarm; electronic parental controls, parental controls
Water connection Cold
Water hose Inlet length: 150 cm, outlet length: 145 cm
Energy consumption Operation 2,200 watts
  Per Duty Cycle 0.544 kWh
  Standby 0.3 watts
  off state 0.3 watts
Water consumption Annual 10,999 liters
Feature 2-stage time saving; ProSense technology; universal stain option; DirectSpray washing technology; refill function; ProSteam steam programs; SoftPlus option; Öko-Mix Technology
More information can be pushed under with 85 cm niche height
Dimensions Width: 600mm x Height: 850mm x Depth/Length: 600mm
Weight 73.5kg
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