High-quality Bosch WUU28T91 floor-standing washing machine front-loader white: ideal for families and frequent washers

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Undermount washing machine with EcoSilence Drive: enjoy excellent running smoothness and... more
Product information "High-quality Bosch WUU28T91 floor-standing washing machine front-loader white: ideal for families and frequent washers"

Undermount washing machine with EcoSilence Drive: enjoy excellent running smoothness and durability.

  • Energy class A: save energy with the most efficient class A.
  • Hygiene Plus: hygienic and clean washing even at 40°C.
  • Eco Silence Drive™: a washing machine drive has to be this efficient and robust.
  • SpeedPerfect: perfect cleanliness with up to 65% time savings*.
  • VarioTrommel: gentle and efficient washing thanks to the unique drum structure.
Energy efficiency class A

By using energy-saving household appliances, you conserve valuable resources. Therefore, when buying a household appliance, you should pay attention to low energy and water consumption values. The energy label indicates the efficiency class, the noise level, the performance, the energy and water consumption of the respective device. The most significant change in the new energy labels is the omission of the energy efficiency plus classes such as A+++. The new efficiency class will range from A to G for washing machines. Thanks to our highly efficient energy saving system, our Bosch washing machines achieve the best energy class A with every wash cycle and without compromising on results.


Eco Silence Drive™

In the 21st century, nobody should have to worry about loud household appliances anymore. That's why we created the Eco Silence Drive™ developed. This innovative, brushless washing machine drive is not only much quieter than conventional motors, it is also much more energy-efficient and durable. 1 smart engine, 3 cards for you.


Hygiene Plus

Sometimes clean just isn't clean enough. That's why we developed the Hygiene Plus program. It keeps the temperature constant during the wash cycle and ensures hygienically clean laundry with an additional rinse cycle, which kills germs and house dust mites particularly effectively. The result: hygienic washing results, even at 40°C and a reduction of 99.99%* of common germs. *Reduction for Enterococcus hirae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, according to Honisch et al. 2014, “Effects of Wash Cycle Time, Temperature and Detergent Formulation on Sanitary Efficacy of Home Laundry.” Carried out by the University of Rhine-Waal



If time is short and your washing machine has SpeedPerfect, you can reduce the program run time by up to 65%* while maintaining the same high quality. SpeedPerfect can be used with most programs, any filling volume and all fabric types. For example, you can wash up to 4 kilograms of mixed laundry in just 46 minutes with SpeedPerfect and the Mix program. *Difference between the duration of the easy-care 40°C program and the duration of the easy-care 40°C program in combination with the SpeedPerfect option.



Your favorite pieces or particularly delicate clothing can be damaged by frequent washing. The unique, patented VarioDrum gently and efficiently washes all types of clothing; water is evenly distributed without stretching, wrinkling or damaging your favorite pieces. Depending on the washing program selected, the drop-shaped drum surface structure and the asymmetrical drivers gently transport your laundry towards the centre. This not only results in intensive cleaning of heavily soiled parts, but also ensures faster and more thorough cleaning of the entire laundry load. Treat your clothes to a quality professional cleaning!


Active Water Plus

Thanks to Active Water Plus you do not have to worry about the efficient use of energy and water. With its intelligent sensors, the stepless automatic quantity control recognizes the type of textile and the respective load and precisely determines the amount of water actually required. This protects the environment and your wallet in an intelligent way.





Reload function

Just started the washing machine and then discovered a forgotten part … Who does not know that? Luckily, the reload function lets you add (or remove) laundry* even after the program has started. Simply press the refill function button, put the forgotten items in the machine and continue washing. *For safety reasons, you cannot use the refill function if the washing suds are hotter than 50 °C. C or the water level is too high.


Drum cleaning reminder function

The drum cleaning program is ideal for cleaning the drum and keeping it hygienically clean. After 20 wash cycles below 40°C, the washing machine/washer dryer automatically reminds you to clean the drum with the drum cleaning programme.



The unique AquaStop system offers 100% protection against water damage. The double-walled hose prevents water from escaping if the inner hose is damaged. The electrical safety valve immediately detects a possible leak in the hose or in the device and stops the water supply. For the life of the washing machine. * Detailed guarantee conditions can be found at www.bosch-home.com/de/aquastop


Anti-Vibration Design

The innovative anti-vibration design of the sidewalls is not only an eye-catcher: the system also offers more stability and reduces vibrations. Optimum insulation regulates the amount of noise, so that the washing machine is particularly quiet even during the spin cycle.


ExtraShort 15'/30'

Fast washing or refreshing of up to 2 or 3.5 kg of lightly soiled clothing in just 15 or 30 minutes. Includes main wash, rinse and spin cycle.



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Data status from October 21, 2022
Produktbeschreibung "High-quality Bosch WUU28T91 floor-standing washing machine front-loader white: ideal for families and frequent washers"
Anschlusswert (kW): 2.3
Fassungsvermögen Wäsche (kg): 9
Angabe gem. EU-Verordnung 2019/2014: Ja
Energieeffizienzklasse: A
Energieeffizienzspektrum: Spektrum [A bis G]
gew. Energieverbrauch/100 Zyklen in kWh: 46
Wasserverbrauch pro Betriebszyklus (l): 48
Programmdauer Eco (Min): 228
Schleuderwirkungsklasse: B
Anzahl U/Min. der min. Schleuderstufe: 400
Anzahl U/Min. der max. Schleuderstufe: 1400
Betriebsgeräusch, Schleudern (dBA): 70
Geräuschemissionsklasse: A
Elektronische Steuerung: Ja
Absicherung: 10 A Absicherung
220-240V 50/60Hz Netzanschluss: Ja
Automatik-FunktionenWasser-Sicherung: Aqua-Stoppautom. Wasserdosierung nach Füllmenge: JaSchaumerkennung: JaUnwucht-Korrektur-System beim Schleudern: JaKnitterschutz am Programmende: JaDemo-Mode: Ja
Programmwahl: Ein-Knopf-Programmwahl
Taste zur Drehzahlreduzierung: Ja
Wahlmöglichkeit "ohne Schleudern": Ja
Wasch-Temperaturwahl: Tasten zur Temperaturwahl
Start-/Pause-Taste: Ja
Programmende vorwählbar: Ja
Zeitvorwahl: Ja
max. vorprogrammierbare Startzeit (Std.): 24
Restzeitanzeige: Ja
Kurz-/Zeitspar-Taste: Ja
Spülstopp: Ja
Vorwäsche-Taste: Ja
Extra-Spülen: Ja
höherer Wasserverbrauch wählbar: Ja
Beladungserkennung: Ja
Beladungsempfehlung: Ja
Waschmittelzugabe: von
Programmanzeige: Programm-Ablaufanzeige
akustisches Programmende-Signal: Ja
Multifunktionsanzeige: Display-Anzeige
Kindersicherung: Ja
ProgrammeBaumwolle-Programm: JaMischwäsche-Programm: JaPflegeleicht-Programm: JaFein-Programm: JaHandwasch-Programm für Wolle: JaSeiden-Programm: JaOutdoor-/ Sport-Programm: JaMini-Programm: JaSchnell-Programm: JaKurz-Programm: JaFarbwahl-Programme: JaBlusen/Hemden-Programm: JaJeans-Programm: JaHygiene-Programm: JaKaltwaschen-Programm: JaGroße Wäschestücke-Programm: JaReinigungsprogramm: Ja
LED-Innenraum-Beleuchtung: Ja
Trommel-Material: Edelstahl-Trommel
Trommel-Struktur: Schontrommel
Flüssigwaschmitteleinsatz: Ja
Leichtreinigungsschublade: Ja
Gehäuse-EigenschaftenGerät unterbaufähig: Jaabnehmbare Arbeitsplatte: JaBreite (cm): 59.8Höhe (cm): 84.5Höhe ohne Arbeitsplatte (cm): 82Höhenverstellung: JaHöhe um x cm verstellbar: 1.2Tiefe (cm): 59.9Tiefe über alles (cm): 63.2Tiefe bei geöffneter Tür (cm): 106.3Leergewicht (kg): 75.5Bullauge: JaAnschlagseite der Tür: Links-Anschlag der Türhöhenverstellbare Gerätefüße: JaLänge der Anschlussleitung (cm): 160
Gehäuse-Farben: weiß
Produktbeschreibung "High-quality Bosch WUU28T91 floor-standing washing machine front-loader white: ideal for families and frequent washers"
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Customer evaluation for "High-quality Bosch WUU28T91 floor-standing washing machine front-loader white: ideal for families and frequent washers"
20 Mar 2023

Diese Waschmaschine bietet eine hervorragende Leistung und eine beeindruckende Kapazität

Als Kundin, die die Bosch WUU28T91 Stand-Waschmaschine gekauft hat, kann ich sagen, dass ich sehr zufrieden mit diesem Produkt bin. Diese Waschmaschine bietet eine hervorragende Leistung und eine beeindruckende Kapazität von bis zu 9 kg, was ideal für Familien mit vielen Kleidungsstücken ist.

Die Waschmaschine verfügt über eine Vielzahl von Programmen, die einfach zu bedienen sind und eine hervorragende Reinigungswirkung haben. Die VarioPerfect-Funktion ermöglicht es mir, entweder Zeit oder Energie zu sparen, was sehr praktisch ist, wenn ich schnell eine Ladung waschen muss oder wenn ich umweltbewusst waschen möchte.

Die Maschine ist auch sehr leise und stabil im Betrieb, was mir wichtig ist, da ich die Waschmaschine oft nachts laufen lasse. Das Design ist modern und ansprechend und passt gut zu meiner Einrichtung.

Insgesamt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der Bosch WUU28T91 Stand-Waschmaschine-Frontlader und würde sie jedem empfehlen, der eine leistungsstarke, zuverlässige und benutzerfreundliche Waschmaschine sucht.

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