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The subtle difference for almost 90 years - Fakir stands for purity, care and comfort.

Founded in Mühlacker in 1933 by Wilhelm Kicherer to manufacture floor cleaning equipment, Fakir is now one of the leading international household appliance manufacturers. With the expansion of the range to include heaters and air conditioners, fans and small appliances, as well as the opening up of global markets,&rszlig; the flourishing family business quickly reached its spatial limits. The move to the new company headquarters in nearby Vaihingen/Enz in 1978 created new production capacities with the option of further expanding them later. 2017 expanded Fakir - üan acronym for “Family Kicherer” - once again of its production facilities in Vaihingen/Enz. This guarantees the proven Fakir quality and thus the fine difference in the future. Experience it!

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Der FAKIR Hobby HL 600 mobiler Heizlüfter behagliche Wärme im Handumdrehen
FAKIR Hobby HL 600 mobile fan heater Premium...
The Hobby HL 600 produces energy-saving comfortable heat in no time - ideal for all frostbite sufferers. The Fakir Hobby HL 600 heater is a high-quality 2000 watt heater known for its efficient heat output and ease of use. This heater is...
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